Apprenticeship courses - Woodworking


  • First year full-time course (BGJ)
  • 2nd and 3rd year (Dual System)


The first year of becoming a woodworker/joiner 

BGJ Holztechnik (1st year course woodworking) at Eckener-College Flensburg is especially for young people who aim to become a professional cabinetmaker/joiner. Though being one of the oldest trades woodworking is still a very modern craft.

Educational content

Nowadays woodworkers do not only work with solid wood or wood-based materials. They alsp process materials like plastics, metal and glass. During hands-on lessons you learn how to deal with these materials though solid wood will stay in main focus. Using hand tools (like planes, chisels, saws etc) you are going to learn about traditional and modern joints, making items of daily use and furniture. Because of technological changes in this field you will also get to know the basics of CNC manufacturing. Your computer literacy will be refreshed or expanded and you will acquire basic knowledge in computer aided design (CAD). 

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