College history

The college has been re-named after the Eckener brothers from Flensburg since 01 August 2006.

On October 6, 2006, the re-naming from Gewerbliche Schule der Stadt Flensburg to Eckener-Schule, Berufliche Schule der Stadt Flensburg was officially celebrated with a ceremony.

Further information about the two brothers

  • Dr. Hugo Eckener
  • Prof. Alexander Eckener

is to be found on the German pages.

In the annual reports of the vocational college 2002 - 2004 contributions to the Flensburg vocational college history have been published (only in German).

The three individual parts and their supplement in an overall summary are provided on the German page as pdf files.

  • Part 1 - content from annual report 2002 (pdf-file)
  • Part 2 - content from annual report 2003 (pdf-file)
  • Part 3 - content from annual report 2004 (pdf-file)
  • Supplemented summary 1815-2006 - annual report 2005/2006 (pdf-file)