College manifesto of the Eckener-College Flensburg

Our motto:

Variety is our strength


  • Students, parents, teaching and non-teaching staff as well as the municipal administration, employers and the local university cooperate in manifold ways
  • Our college is regarded as vocational competence centre in our region
  • Our college is regarded as a workplace where we work, learn and live together
  • Our students are taught manifold and up-to-date qualifications

Our manifesto:

1  The teaching staff is committed to an individual encouragement of all students

That means

  • to tailor the educational objectives, the learning contents and the learning speed to the individual student
  • to offer and certify future-oriented vocational and general competences
  • trustfully cooperate with the institutional partners  to further the development of our students

2  Developing our college to become a competent service provider on the education market

That means

  • the growing administrative autonomy of our college leads to a change in the organisation of courses
  • to develop a flexible approach of learning contents and methods according to the market demands
  • female and male students learn to act self-reliantly by working on real-world assignments
  • intensive collaboration with companies in our geographical area

3  Developing a college marketing

That means

  • We expand our course programme by appropriate measures, even beyond our educational mandate


  • We react flexibly to the demands of our student clientele and offer what will be needed by them
  • We invest in modern technology and in human resources development
  • We employ experts from other educational institutes our from the industry to expand our course contents
  • We commit ourselves to promote the European Economic Area, to intensify international communication and tolerate other cultures
  • We advertise our capabilities to the public

4  We work in teams

That means

  • Students, teachers and experts from the industry cooperate

to solve problems and assignments

  • We organise the learning process together
  • We create learning environments which mirror the realities of the world of employment
  • We develop our team spirit
  • Counsel on pedagogical matters will be provided if requested

5. Our college life is determined by a friendly, respectful and tolerant cooperation of all parties

  • We create a climate of confidence – with people communicating and working  free from fear
  • We take our time to talk to each other and spread all relevant information
  • We all help to create a stimulating and innovative atmosphere at our workplace
  • We all work for a work environment, where everybody feels good.

The various teams at our college are responsible for the actual implementation of our targets (the choice of the ways to achieve them, the setting of priorities, the use of the budget etc.) and will be worked out including all parties involved (cf. college profile).

 We commit ourselves to evaluate our objectives and their implementation regularly.